Thursday, June 24, 2010

Re-build, Re-brand.

If this blog ever amounts to anything, it will be the work of 3 guys with Star passes. We go to as many home games as work or our girlfriends will allow, which is usually between 20-30 a year. We see a lot of things at these games, good and bad, funny and annoying. This is where we'll address anything in our overall baseball experience.

Re-build, Re-brand.

Simple right? I'm aware we are only "building", but the title of my first post needed a nice ring to it.
This whole "slick" new-school style of branding has got to go. It's the curse of the fucking Skydome, the last baseball stadium to be built before the era of the throwback parks began. So since we're stuck in a concrete piece of shit, we've gotta have an angry silver bird on our uniform?
These next few years are a bit of a new beginning for the Blue Jays. Not a fresh start, but a new chapter. There isn't really a face of the franchise since Halladay left, so until we get a new one how about some amazing new uniforms? Hey Rogers guys, you want to generate interest in the club? Amazing new uniforms! People will notice, people will buy jerseys, people will talk, people will go to games.
Am I crazy? Ok fine. I am so convinced that I'm offering my design skills for free to get the ball rolling. This is a ten minute photoshop job I did while at work.

Wait what the fuck? That's the Maryland state flag apparently, but you get what I'm talking about here. Take us back to some real baseball design, not some shit that can be mistaken for hockey or football. A classic illustration of a bird, some old-timey script or graphic block letters, maybe some pinstripes. No jagged edges or metallic colors please. I'm sick of being jealous of the Pirates, Giants, Cardinals, and yes even the Yankees. Their branding is timeless and classy, it's baseball.
The original Blue Jays logo is still amazing, and I'm all for going back to those white jerseys permanently, but something new and classic would be incredible.


  1. Dude, I completely agree with your assessment of a return to classic styling. What the jays needed was something akin to the Cardinals and a stylized T or TO on their caps. Oh well!